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The Lagotto Temperament

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

The Lagotto is a gentle dog, especially when young.  While techniques for training have changed over the last 2 decades, there is still a tendency to correct and discipline.  This can only work when the action and the response are simultaneous, and even then it is less effective than positive reinforcement and behavior molding or shaping.

The Lagotto is not a strong-willed dog.  Misbehavior is a matter of misunderstanding, not willful disobedience.  Instead of spending your energy correcting, commit to spending time molding behavior with positive reinforcement - the rewards will be so much greater.

All that is needed is a clicker, some high value treats, a keen eye for the behavior that you want to mold and a few minutes of your time.  Take time to let your puppy start to figure it what you want.  You will see light go on as they get the first taste, and then watch as he or she strives to repeat the treat - working to figure out what it was that triggered the reward.

These positive experiences are your dogs love language - he or she lives for and thrives on them.  It is through positive reinforcement that you will build a long lasting and loving relationship with your puppy, and will avoid the hurtful outcomes of strong discipline.

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