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Available Puppies

February, 2022.  Our little kennel grows.  We are excited about what 2022 has brung to Northwest Lagottos.  We had a litter from Tagglietta in early January, expect both Mocha and Chai to go into season before March, and look forward to litters from Bianca, Elizabeth and Francesca later in the year.  They are each unique and we eagerly look forward to the matings we have planned.   

We have once again opened our reservation list to new applications for the time being.  Be sure to check out our Lagotto Puppies page for more.

What are your Puppy dreams filled with?  Bundles of fur bounding through long grass, playing catch with a frisbee, searching the forests for truffles and other fungi?  Perhaps you envision your pup stretched out beside you on the sofa tummy side up!  Whatever your goal, at Northwest Lagotto, our sole aim is to provide you with the puppy of your dreams, equipped with the skills to communicate with you, the confidence to go out into the world without fear and the deep set desire to bond with you, their forever parent.


If you are interested in a Lagotto puppy for your home, feel free to contact us so that we can discuss your interest, our plans and how we might work with you to fulfill your dreams.  

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