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Questions about our Lagotto Romagnolo puppies

  • Can we meet your dogs before deciding?
    For those who are local to us, we encourage those interested in a puppy from Northwest Lagotto to visit us and meet our dogs. This gives us a chance to get to know one another, answer questions, and for many the opportunity to see and play with a Lagotto for the first time. When we have puppies that are old enough, this will include an opportunity to meet puppies and play with them.
  • Can we choose our sex and Color?
    When it comes to puppy selection, we have a process where we survey those on our list for a puppy once the puppies are born and use the information provided to find the best puppy for each family. This survey includes preferences for sex and color as well as information about household makeup, energy level, activities, ages, and other info that we use to be sure that we are placing the puppy with the right temperament into each home. This ensures us the greatest success in placements and has proven itself over time.
  • What is the deposit amount?
    We invest tremendous effort into each of the litters we raise. As best we can we work to find homes for the puppies to come before they are born. This allows us to focus our efforts on the puppies themselves rather than finding homes for them. We do this by taking a deposit as a confirmation of good faith that you are ready for a puppy and committed. Our deposit is $500.
  • Can we check beforehand to see about allergic reactions 
    A key to meeting our dogs for those with allergies is to test their response to the breed. While most people find Lagotto non-reactive because they have hair instead of fur, the lighter-colored Lagotto can still trigger some individuals as we are each unique. For that reason, if allergies are a concern, we encourage you to meet one of our dogs, whether here or a client's dog near their home.
  • What Colour Eyes Do Lagotto Have?
    The eyes of the Lagotto Romagnolo change color. At birth, they are dark black and quickly become bright blue or hazel. This is not permanent though as the color will evolve as they age. Lighter-colored Lagotto tend to end up with gold eyes as adults and the darker colors tend to end up with a dark hazel or light brown colored eye.
  • Are Lagotto good in hot weather?
    Lagotto Romagnolo is known for its rugged good looks and a key element of that is its thick, rich curly coat. Some people have expressed concern for the breed in warm climates and hot weather. The breed originates in Italy and is accustomed to hot climates. While we often trim our Lagotto shorter for summer, they do just fine in warm weather. If there is access to a pool, creek, beach, or another source of water, the Lagotto love to swim and this can provide hours of playtime relief during the warmer months.
  • What is the policy on refunding a deposit?
    Our deposits are refundable only if we are unable to provide a puppy to you as agreed. The deposit is otherwise non-refundable as we use the deposit as a key to our decision to breed.
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