We loved working with Mark to find our new puppy. Our 1 year-old loves dogs and we wanted a puppy that would be a good family companion. The puppy that Mark chose for us is so gentle and sweet. We are thrilled with her. And after we brought her home, Mark answered all of our questions about crating, feeding, training etc. We felt supported in our first days. And we know we can reach out any time we have questions as she grows up. Mark really cares about finding the right fit for his dogs and educating and supporting their new families. 

--- Jessica,

  Seattle, WA

Blue at 8 weeks.jpg

Wow! What can we say about Mark and Northwest Lagottos?!

From the time we realized that a Lagotto was the right breed for us to the first meeting of our little pup, Mark was professional, informative and fulfilled our wishes of sex, color, traits to the best possible outcome. His use of "Puppy Culture"  training was very helpful. His willingness to share and take the time to help us be successful with our wonderful little guy, made the transition from his home to ours remarkably smooth. 

He truly cares about the breeding process and the quality of his dogs and puppies.

We highly recommend Mark and Northwest Lagottos!


--- Liz and Ron,

   Coeur d'Alene, ID

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We have been delighted with our Lagotto puppy from Mark. We were very attracted to Mark’s raising and training approach (puppy culture); and I can attest that the early care and exposures that our puppy received paid off!  “Murphy” is extremely calm around our children, has been easy to train, and is happy to explore new environments.  We are actually on our way to our 2nd backpacking adventure with her in the last 2 weeks as I write this. She loves to explore!  We are very happy to have chosen Mark as our breeder. 

— Wes,

    Portland, OR


We got our Lagotto from Mark Nelson (Northwest Lagottos).  It was, and continues to be, a great experience.  Mark went the extra mile to provide us with a quality puppy and to match her with us for personality and other critical traits..  The result has been a resounding success.  Our Olive is, at 9 months, a huge part of our family - loving, obedient, energetic, and great with kids and strangers.  We continue to talk with Mark, who is an ongoing source of advice and expertise.  In sum, it could not have been a happier result.  We thank Mark for it.

— Name, Title

— Jim & Regan,

    Bellingham, WA


I am so thankful to have gotten our Lagotto, Ludo, from Northwest Lagottos! He was absolutely worth the wait! I have received compliments every single time we’ve gone to the vet about how well socialized and adjusted he is and that’s all due to Mark’s focus on Puppy Culture. 


Ludo is an incredibly playful, intelligent, confident, and cuddly pup! I’m continuously blown away by just how smart he is and how quickly he learns new tricks.


Mark was very thoughtful and responsive throughout the process of getting Ludo. It is very obvious how much he cares about his dogs and responsible breeding practices. Mark’s support did not stop once we picked up Ludo either. He’s continued to offer support and advice when we’ve struggled as we are new time dog parents. I am very thankful for that!

— Annie,

    Seattle, WA


We finally met our beautiful puppy, Austin. It had been a long time since either of us had raised a dog, so we're especially grateful to Mark for being so generous and thoughtful in sharing his knowledge with us - and in answering our endless puppy-rearing questions.  My wife and I are thrilled with Austin - who is now just over three-months old.  He's an 18-pound bundle of fur, fun, face-licking love, unbridled energy and occasional mass destruction. As he does for all his buyers, Mark hand-picked Austin for us from his litter of seven based on our answers to his extensive questionnaire. We feel he gave us "the pick of the litter" with Austin - who is matching up perfectly with our lifestyle in Los Angeles. Thanks for this wonderful GIFT to our life! 


Mark and his entire family deserve credit for bringing up all of their puppies in a loving, caring and healthy environment.  Austin is friendly (with other people and pets), responsive and an incredibly fast learner.  We love him.  Hats off to Mark and Northwest Lagottos!

— Name, Title

— Scott,

    Los Angeles

By the way, we took Gio to the vet yesterday.  They spent like an hour with us. Gio is perfectly healthy, and they were so impressed by how well Gio is adapting to NYC already. They couldn’t believe that we’ve only had him for 4 days, and he was so bonded to me already. The vet actually mentioned that the behaviors he was offering were very adult-like for a first visit. He was comfortable enough to lay in between us on the floor and offer the vet his belly, he only went to the bathroom on the pad they had laid out for him (at least they got their stool sample ), and each time the nurses would leave and come back with him he’d run right over to me and leap into my arms.

On the way out, the vet told me that it is so clear that this dog has had a fantastic head start, he is incredibly smart, and he is clearly bonded to me. She said it is now it’s up to us to keep up with the training because this dog has the potential to do anything we want to do with him. THANK YOU.

— Madison,

    New York

GIO in Snow.jpeg

When we reached out to Mark, it was a year before we were planning to take a puppy home. Over the course of that year, he was in regular communication with us which was really reassuring. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the breed, and really felt like a resource to us. Lagottos are such special dogs, and are not easy to find. Knowing that we were going to be getting a Lagotto puppy from someone who is so conscientious, and really just approaches this process with great care, was incredibly reassuring. We were very happy with our experience. Our puppy is beautiful, and such a joy (most of the time, ha ha). We would definitely recommend Northwest Lagottos!

— Laura,


Standing Blue at 8 weeks_edited.jpg

The puppy we received from Northwest Lagotto far exceeded our expectations.  He has spurts of hilarious puppy antics, but mostly he is healthy, happy and well-adjusted with a very sweet demeanor.  Many of our friends have commented what a good dog he is, even at his young age.  Mark Nelson takes the time to understand how to place his dogs with the right owner.  The care that he (and his family) take with the dogs is evident when you meet them.  In our case, we couldn’t be happier.

    — Michael & Lauri


Luca Amanda Chai_edited.jpg

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We could not be happier with our puppy Luca from Northwest Lagotto! We chose Mark as our breeder because of his responsible breeding philosophy, and his choice of raising/training his puppies using Puppy Culture. He also generously shares his knowledge on this special breed and continues to be a great resource for us still. And the proof is in Luca. Our 10 month old boy is a healthy, happy, curious, and adaptable puppy, who just completed a cross country trip with us! We are so delighted with Luca.  All the credit goes to Mark and his family for giving him such a loving and solid foundational start to life!

    — Amanda

 Los Angeles