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Toxic household products

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

We are all more concerned than ever about our health and many of us have switched to less toxic, more environmentally friendly products out of this concern. As you look to bring your new Lagotto puppy home with you, this is a great opportunity to look over not only your household plants and other potential hazards but also to consider what cleaning supplies you are using.

The Lagotto is known for its sensitive nose and its ability to find truffles with it. Knowing that, have you considered how much more harmful that grocery store household cleaner is to him or her? At Northwest Lagotto we have always taken the care and raising of our puppies seriously. This care has seen us invest countless hours in Puppy Culture Protocols so that they can communicate and take new situations in stride. We are building custom designed whelping rooms to ensure that our puppies have everything they need from heated floors to ambient music. We have recently looked at the products we use in our home, not only cleaners but personal products including soaps and shampoo. We have searched for a product line and company that we feel is not only entirely safe and non-toxic but also lines up with our belief in preserving the environment and guaranteeing that they only use natural ingredients.

There are lots of options out there for you to look at and I encourage you to do so - for the benefit of your family and your puppy. If you are interested in what we chose, feel free to contact us. We couldn't be more satisfied and would happily refer you.

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