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Tools in preparation for your puppy

Updated: May 2, 2022

There are a number of things that your new puppy needs when he comes home.  Be sure you are prepared.  You will need to do some planning.  Where will he sleep, what area of the home are you going to make safe for the puppy, how are you going to keep your puppy in this area?  Where will your puppy be while you are away?  How will you keep your puppy entertained while away? (Bored  puppies get in trouble!). How will your puppy travel with you safely?

Here are a few products that you should consider a bare minimum before you bring your lagotto puppy home with you.  Having them ready will ensure that you are prepared to keep your puppy, safe, comfortable and interested and entertained.  I have included links to amazon, but these are not specific endorsements.  They are largely products that I use, but you will make the choices best suited to your situations.

Puppy Food It has no animal meal - and that is all the difference for me.  Read about it and I think you will agree. 

Wild Earth dog food after 6 months.

Treats Stewart Freeze dried treats Dental care Nail clippers Scissors - any quality scissor of your liking.  I recommend and 8” and possibly a 6” as well. Metal comb

Food and Water Bowls - choose any of hundreds of styles

Clicker - any will do.

Identification.  Often available at your vet.

Toys - have fun, but a variety but make sure some of them can be chewed as a young puppy works out his incoming sore teeth.

I have had good luck with Kong feed toys.  They can be stuffed with food or yogurt and frozen and then given to the puppy who will spend long periods of time freeing his food and treats.  It provides mental stimulation and reduces boredom.

Lots to choose from.  

Know where your puppy is going to be restricted to and plan accordingly.  Baby gates can work well to limit a puppy to a portion of the house so that he stays safe and out of dangerous areas, or away from fragile furniture.

Dog shampoo:  to keep the coat from matting, it is important to keep it regularly trimmed.  In addition to this the use of a quality, non-lathering shampoo can keep it soft and supple so that the hairs are less likely to interlock and Matt.  I use and recommend panagenics:  

Far more important than all the stuff that a young puppy needs, is you.  He is a social animal which is why we love them and he needs to bond with you.  Invest time, and energy in particular in the first four weeks to develop your communication with each other, take him places while young so that he is not fearful of them as he gets older.  Some say that 30 new places in 30 days is a good goal, but I would set that as a minimum.  If you take your dog out every day you will likely hit more than 1 new place per day.  Try for different and new experiences, including friends dogs and animals ( know for fact they are friendly first), new people of sizes and shapes, new walking surfaces, stores if they allow, your vet of course and as many different experiences as possible.

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