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One on one time with Lagotto puppies!

Updated: May 2, 2022

As our lagotto puppies open their eyes and ears between weeks two and three, they experience a whole new world. With this new sensory input, we are deliberate and intentional in spending one on one time with each one. In doing so, we put human contact front and center as soon as they are able to experience us.

We hold them, snuggle them, cuddle, stroke their tummies, noses, chins and paws. This acclimates them to being handled, and makes us a part of their world from the beginning. Doing so repetitively also makes future handling less stressful - think of nail clipping and coat care.

They are 16 days old here and have reached the end of Early Neurological Stimulation. Over the course of the next week these puppies will become more mobile as they find their legs and start to move around to discover their world.

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