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Northwest Lagottos has Puppies!

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Northwest Lagotto’s has welcomed 5 beautiful little puppies into the world and are excited to share news of their arrival.

Mocha was due on the 22nd and we expected her in the evening. As early labor signs were apparent, we spent the night with her awaiting the telltale signs that she was ready to deliver. They never came. Come morning Mocha was stable, comfortable and happy. Because she showed no signs of distress, we continued to monitor her and together in consultation with Kulshan Veterinary hospital in the morning felt that she would likely deliver that evening. As night fell, she showed every sign of pending labor and so we stayed by her side through the second night. The night was long and she was a trooper, but did not produce any puppies. We consulted our veterinary doctor again on the 3rd morning (Sept 24th) and while her labor was intensifying we decided that by mid morning if we had not seen a puppy it was time for intervention.

At 11:45 this morning (Sept 24th) we packed up, brought supplies for the puppies and headed off to the hospital with a tired, nervous young mother and a couple concerned owners. Puppies were all well, but their heart rates had dropped below optimal and thus it was time to intervene.

A decision was made to bring our babies home via C-Section. In less than an hour, at about 100pm today we had 5 beautiful little puppies and an alert and recovering mom. All are home as I write, have been nursing for at least 30 minutes and most more. Mom is resting after her long vigil and is recovering well.

We have 4 boys and a girl. The colors include two Brown with small white patches on feet or chest, one white/orange and one white with brown spots.

Though tired, we are relieved and excited to watch these little ones grow.

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