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No Longer taking deposits

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Here at Northwest Lagotto we try to do our best to provide you with your dream puppy, one who is of excellent genetic health, who has been raised from birth with love, and one who is trained to seek enrichment through puppy culture. We understand how hard it is for those wanting a Lagotto puppy to have to wait for the next litter, sometimes a year away, and we appreciate your patience and trust in us. We feel honored as lagotto breeders to have earned your trust.

It is with mixed feelings that we have decided that we will no longer take deposits at this time. While we would love to know that we will have large litters and have puppies for all who want one, the realistic truth is that we will likely have average sized litters and with that acceptance that we have likely received deposits for all puppies through 2021! We will continue to breed excellent bloodlines and raise loving, confident puppies further into the future but do not want to tie up deposits for such a lengthy period of time.

Mocha's pregnancy test is in just over a weeks time and we expect positive results based on what we are seeing. Standby for news of further developments.

Mt. Baker from nearby Hidden Lake Lookout

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