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Mocha's puppies playing in the morning sun.

Updated: May 2, 2022

This longer video is primarily for those expecting puppies from this litter. It is admittedly longer for that reason.

Approaching 6 weeks old, these little pups now play, pounce, tug and chase. They interact and their personalities are developing. We are finally able to start to tentatively match our observations with those who will welcome a puppy home in just over two weeks.In the background you can see some of our other dogs interacting with the puppies. Chino (6 months) is Roan and loves to chase ball, Roman (6 months) is brown roan and is a gentle spirit who enjoys giving the puppies attention. Mocha is mom and is weaning them so is not always tolerant of their advances, while Cannella (5 years) is white and makes a couple appearances in the background. She is expecting puppies in just over a week.

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