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Mocha is in Season!

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Mocha and I went for an early morning walk on the 12th and on my return Mocha gave us some news!

Northwest Lagotto is pleased to announce that Mocha has gone into Season. With this information we can now firm up our timeline and provide greater clarity on the likely arrival date of puppies and when they will be ready for homes.

First, it is worth stating the obvious, until pregnancy is confirmed, and then well beyond that, there are obvious risks in getting our hopes set too high. That said though, assuming that conception is achieved, that gestation progresses normally and that puppies are born healthy, the timeline is likely as follows:

Estimate of Puppy Due Date: Sept 21.

Puppies reach 8-10 weeks: November 16th - 30th.

We will update you further over the coming weeks.

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