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Meet Ginger, the sweetest girl in the house!

Updated: Jan 23

Taken in March '22, we came across this video again just today. Ginger has grown larger, but her temperament has not changed at all! She is still an absolute snuggle bug and has become an important member of our family.

It has been our observation that the dogs with light/orange markings whether male or female, are calmer, more relaxed, and much more cuddly than those with other colorations. This goes to show that there is a Lagotto for every household regardless of energy levels, or the age of family members.

We hope you enjoy watching this video clip as much as we enjoy having her. If you should be interested in a Lagotto, if you would like to come up and meet Ginger now or if you want more information, please reach out to and check out our webpage at

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