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Litter plans at Northwest Lagotto

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

I wanted to write to give you a quick update to our plans for the 2022 year. We had three litters planned this spring, two in summer, one in fall and potentially four in the winter. Our first spring litter has now gone home. The litter we expected next is from Mocha (brown Roan, on our website). She is in season now and was to be paired with Frodo. Her season has not progressed normally and I am not sure that we will get a mating out of it. This is very unfortunate as it will have a knock on effect pushing everything out one litter further. While I have not entirely given up hope, it is increasingly likely that we will have to wait till later this year for her. Chai is up next and I am considering either Armani, Stallone or Roman for her. Elizabeth and Fransesca (this second clip shows both Elizabeth and Fransesca truffling when young) are both two in July and I hope for litters from them in the fall. I have not chosen the studs as I need to look at their hip results and their structure more closely once two years of age. Mocha should come back into season in Aug/Sept. and we will look to pair her then if she does miss in the current cycle. Tagliatella (white/Orange mother of the litter in this clip) will have her last litter later this year and I am inclined to use Frodo, Tino or perhaps Roman. Coco, Olive, Willow and Chino will all be 2 years of age this fall, but I may not get litters before the year is out - they may be 2023 litters. I wanted to keep you informed as I have information to share.

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