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Lagotto Romagnolo puppies at 3 days old

No matter how many times we do it we find ourselves drawn to just sit and watch young puppies as they interact with their mom. These young pups are now three days old, they are gaining weight and yet are still so so tiny. The smallest of them are still less than a half pound!

I find the arch of their back as they nurse so interesting, though I have no idea why that posture works better. I find the latch they get with their tongues spread wide fascinates me. I enjoy watching as they fill their tummies and break off to snuggle in close for a nap.

As they age - even just these few days, the tan markings on the faces is becoming more defined, the white paws more easily seen. The differences between the sable and the brown pups will grow more evident as they age.

I hope you enjoy watching them too!

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