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Lagotto pups see lots of change this week.

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Its a busy time for puppies at this stage. We introduce a separate nesting area with the crate pad and a potty area with the grass tray. We are introduucing food which for now is softened with milk replacer and a little pumpkin. This explains the slightly slicked back 'orange' look most of the puppies are sporting. We are adding new toys and objects for our puppies to play with each day and we expect them to climb right out of the nest box in the next day or two, at which point we will expand their play area considerably.

We continue to play classical music for them - forgive where it breaks through in our video - I know you enjoy hearing the puppy vocalizations as well. I hope it is not too discordant.

For us, holding each puppy individually a couple times a day, letting them explore new rooms, talking to them and stroking them are keeping us busy. That is not to mention laundry - dont even get us started! We love it though. As they grow and mature, develop new vocalizations, better coordination, and become more interactive, we look forward to teaching them the communication trinity (clicker training, manding, and the box game).

Thanks for letting us share. We hope they warm your hearts as they do ours....

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