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Integrity is at the core of Northwest Lagotto

Integrity is indeed a critical aspect of any breeding program, and it is at the core of our Lagotto Romagnolo breeding program. Integrity in breeding refers to following ethical and responsible practices in the breeding, raising, and placement of puppies. This includes ensuring the health and well-being of the breeding dogs, screening for genetic disorders, and following best practices for socialization and care.

By maintaining the highest standards of integrity, we ensure that the puppies we produce are healthy, well-adjusted, and capable of thriving in their new homes. This not only benefits the individual puppies, but it also helps to maintain the overall quality and reputation of the breed.

Maintaining the integrity of a breeding program requires ongoing effort and attention to detail. This includes continuously monitoring and updating breeding practices, and working with veterinary experts to identify and address any health concerns. It also requires a commitment to transparency and open communication with clients, to ensure that they have a clear understanding of the care and conditions under which their puppy was raised.

In addition to these practical considerations, integrity in breeding also requires a strong ethical and moral commitment to the animals in our care. This means treating all dogs with respect, compassion, and kindness, and ensuring that they are provided with the best possible care, regardless of their status as breeding animals or pets.

In conclusion, by prioritizing integrity in our Lagotto Romagnolo breeding program, Northwest Lagotto helps to promote the health and well-being of the dogs they bring into the world, and the success of the puppies we place in your home.

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