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Your Search for a Puppy

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

The concern that every buyer must overcome is the reality that as the Lagotto is a popular and in-demand breed, there are some who would breed without the thoughtful consideration required to ensure sound matings and strong offspring.

While finding a puppy for yourself is an emotional endeavor, you owe it to yourself, to your puppy and to the breed to choose your breeder carefully. Just like a date, you need to find out who your breeder is, what went into the decision to pair this sire and this dame for this litter, what traits are they seeking to reinforce, what potential negatives are there in the bloodlines that could be concern? How much diversity is in the bloodline and what is the coefficient of inbreeding, if known? These are the foundation on which a conscientious breeder should be making their decisions - and they should have readily available answers for you and welcome the inquiry.

The next step in the process is to find out how the breeder raises their puppies. While a family with a litter box in the family room may make for a warm and inviting image, the holistic development of the puppies needs a more structured approach. Early Neurological Stimulation has been shown to increase a puppy's coping skills, improve its problem-solving ability,

increase its immune system and strengthen its cardiovascular system. A breeder who stays on top of new and emerging research may choose to follow a structured program like puppy culture - to provide both the puppy with the early socialization and confidence it needs and also to provide the new owner the information they need to meet the needs of their new family member.

As breeders, we expect your questions, we welcome them, in fact, we have concerns in there absence. Please, the learning curve is steep - we want you to draw on our epxerience as a resource.

From all of us a Northwest Lagotto.

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