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The Italian Truffle Dog

The Lagotto Romagnolo is renowned as a truffle dog and is highly skilled in truffle hunting. Truffle hunting is the process of using trained dogs to locate and retrieve valuable truffles, which are prized culinary delicacies found underground near the roots of certain trees.

The Lagotto Romagnolo's exceptional sense of smell, intelligence, and natural hunting instincts make them well-suited for truffle hunting. Their curly, dense coat protects them from underbrush and harsh weather conditions, allowing them to navigate diverse terrains with ease.

Truffle hunters often work in collaboration with their Lagotto companions, who use their keen sense of smell to detect the distinct aroma of truffles. The dogs are trained to search for truffle scent and indicate their discovery to the hunter by pawing, scratching, or sitting at the location of the truffle.

The Lagotto's unique ability to locate truffles, combined with their strong work ethic and desire to please their owners, has made them invaluable in the world of truffle hunting. Their expertise in this field has garnered them recognition as one of the best truffle dog breeds.

Whether it's in Italy, where the Lagotto Romagnolo originates, or on our west coast where we have the Oregon White and Black truffle in our native forests, Lagottos have proven to be exceptional truffle dogs, helping to locate these prized and aromatic treasures for truffle enthusiasts and culinary professionals alike.

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