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Sept 23-24 Show results for IGDM Yelina Salas (Mocha)

Updated: May 2, 2022

Saturday 23rd: Yelina Salas comes Second in class, reserve CAC and reserve CACIB

Sunday 24th: Yelina Salas wins best in class, CAC and CACIB

In Europe, CAC stands for "Certificat d'aptitude au Champion" or "Certificate of Aptitude to the National Beauty Contest"

CACIB is similar but means "certificate of Aptitude to the International Beauty Contest"

In order to complete an Italian Championship title, a dog must obtain 6x CAC

2 from national dog shows 2 from international dog shows 2 from breed club specialty shows

- all given by no less than 5 different judges.

She is well on her way. Congratulations to her Handler,

Artur Bullari

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