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Northwest Lagotto: Our approach to breeding

As a responsible breeder, our main priority is the well-being and happiness of the dogs we bring into the world. This commitment extends far beyond the initial sale of a puppy and encompasses the entire lifetime of the animal. We understand that owning a dog is a significant responsibility and we are here to support our clients and their pets every step of the way.

One of the most important aspects of our commitment is to provide our clients with a healthy, well-socialized puppy. Before any puppy leaves our care, they undergo thorough veterinary exams to ensure they are free from any health issues. We also take great care to socialize our puppies from a young age, exposing them to a variety of people, animals, and environments to ensure they are confident and well-adjusted. This sets a strong foundation for a happy and successful life with their new family.

However, we recognize that issues can arise, even with the best care and preparation. That is why we offer ongoing support and advice for the life of the dog. If any health or behavioral concerns arise, we are always available to offer guidance and support to our clients. We believe that open and honest communication is key to ensuring the best outcome for both the dog and its owner. In addition to providing support for health and behavioral issues, we also offer ongoing training and educational resources. We believe that education is essential for a successful dog-owner relationship and we are committed to helping our clients provide their dogs with the best possible care. This includes resources on training, nutrition, and overall health and wellness.

Finally, we are committed to responsible breeding practices. This means that we only breed dogs that are healthy, have sound temperaments, and meet the breed standard. We also take care to limit the number of litters we produce each year, to ensure that we can provide each litter with the care and attention they need. This approach not only helps to ensure the health and well-being of our breeding dogs, but it also helps to maintain the integrity and quality of the breed as a whole. In conclusion, as a responsible breeder, our commitment to our clients and their dogs extends far beyond the initial sale of a puppy. We are here to provide ongoing support, guidance, and education, and to create a community of support for our clients and their pets. By providing the best possible care and resources, we strive to ensure the health and happiness of every dog we bring into the world.

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