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Naturally Hypoallergenic, the Lagotto Romagnolo

We often receive inquiries from people who want a dog but have allergies to most breeds of dog. The Lagotto Romagnolo is a breed that has hair, rather than fur. Hair, unlike fur continues to grow throughout the life of the dog and, unlike fur it does not trigger the allergic reaction that most people respond to.

It is important to remember that allergic reactions are individual responses to a stimulus, and as such it is important for anyone who may have concerns with a breed, or a particular lineage of dogs to spend time with them, to handle them and to interact so that they can experience first-hand if this breed or dog triggers their particular allergies.

Northwest Lagotto currently has several puppies available to screened homes. This young male Lagotto puppy is an excellent example of the breed. He has a calm, sweet, affectionate temperament and loves attention. We work hard to match the right puppy to the right home and if this sounds like a puppy that may fit well in yours, we would love to hear from you. We would invite anyone who may be considering the breed, to come and meet this young male puppy as well as our dogs. We are happy to talk about the breed and walk through our application process with you. Reach us at

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