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Mocha Takes 3rd at Lagotto Specialty in Lugo, Italy

Updated: May 2, 2022

Show Results for Mocha in National Dog Show: Lugo, Italy, Jan 25-27

Friday, Jan 25th under Judge Bubalo Maja, places 3rd out of a field of 37 Lagotto at the Lagotto Specialty show. Well Done!

Saturday, Jan 26th, under Judge Gianni Fulgenzi, Mocha places SECOND of 17 Lagotto.

Sunday, Jan 27th, under Judge Matakovic Bojan, Mocha places 2nd.

Northwest Lagotto would like to extend a huge thank you to Artur Bullari for his exceptional handling, congratulations to Monica Benelli and Marco Damiani for this result and a extend our appreciation to the presiding judges.

It is great to see how Mocha has grown and performed in the ring.

Thank you to Maurizio Ghini for the photos

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