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Lagotto Romagnolo Puppies from Imported Bloodlines

NW Lagotto has several male puppies available from one of our most exciting litters of the year! in 2020 we imported two dogs from Europe, a female from Sweden and a male from Italy. Gillenias Fransesca is a brown female who has a stunningly tight curly coat - one of the best we have seen. She has a beautiful gate, a sweet attentive temperament and weighs in at 25lbs. Coming from the world-renowned kennel of Regun (originally from Hungry and now Italy) is Regun Noro. Regun bloodlines are found in so many world Champions, best of breeds, winners at Crufts and Westminister. We are so excited to be working with such storied genetics.

In this litter, we have so much hope for the future of our kennel. These pups have grown into beautiful youngsters who are eager to please, know how to communicate already and are physically excellent examples of the breed. While we have more than one of these puppies spoken for by breeders looking to develop or strengthen their own breeding programs, these pups will make equally great family pets. If you have been considering a Lagotto Puppy and would like to know more information about them, please contact us at

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