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Lagotto Puppies: 3 days old

Only 3 days old and already so precious! These Lagotto Romagnolo Puppies will grow to become terrific family pets. While we have little experience with Poodle crosses, we know our dogs. Lagotto Romagnolo are stable in temperament and a pleasure to have at home. They require only two things to thrive in a family environment: daily physical and mental stimulation. So long as they get out for a walk or two a day, and are given projects to work on in between, they are energetic and playful but also do a great job relaxing and flopping down on the sofa next to us.

Mental stimulation can come in the form of a frozen kong with a breakfast meal in it, a food puzzle, training exercises, yak cheese to chew on, or companion dogs to play with.

If you are interested in a Lagotto puppy of your own, reach out to us at

and visit our website at

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