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Cannela wins CAC at Italian Specialty!

Updated: May 2, 2022

This past week Cannela went on to Win CAC in the Italian specialty.  With this Cannela has won her last point to become an Italian Champion!  We are very excited and proud.  In Italy a lagotto is required to prove herself in the field at finding truffles to complete her title.  This is something that I would very much like to complete so that she can earn her Italian Championship and it had been our intention prior to COVID to see her finish but alas, with her season approaching (literally any day now), we will forgo that and bring her home knowing that she stacked up against the best of them in her home country and earned the points she needed.  In the U.S. she would now have her title.  The attached pic is at the event in Fano Italy, a gorgeous little port town on the Eastern side of the Italy.

A final decision has been made on a stud for Cannela.  Having produced many Italian Champions, noted for his great head shape, nice top line, great hocks, good tail set and thick wooly coat, Big Boy will bring the genetics that we are looking for to Canellas litter.  Please find attached a close up picture of him, a photo of him stacked and on artificial turf, a pic of one of the pups he has thrown - excellent structure and example of type.  I have included a copy of his HD and eye exam results and have asked for a working link to his MyDogDNA page for the current one is broken.  

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