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Brown / Roan has a new home

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Our final puppy from our premier litter has a new home. Enjoy watching as this little guy plays with his sibling and explores the edge of our truffiere.

While we have several puppies in the video, the main character has a black collar and is often seen watching the action from above. Roan with brown markings, this male puppy is a beautiful young dog. He has great structure, great porportions, lots of energy and such an interesting personality.

While not at all hyper, he loves to run and play but is also prone to sit back and observe. You can see him several times in the video where he takes up a spot on the grass above to watch the action. This is the most attentive puppy we had in our whole litter - he loves to come in close and look up to ask for a stroke, for attention or to be picked up. For these reasons he will thrive in a family home with kids. He enjoys being held, loves to go nose to nose and yet is not at all timid - he enjoys exploring and has the confidence to do well in an active outdoor focused home as well.

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