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Are you considering a male Lagotto?

We have several beautiful male puppies from imported bloodlines available now!

While the temperament of male and female Lagottos vary with each individual, both male and female Lagottos share many common traits, including friendliness, intelligence, and adaptability. It has been our experience that are subtle variations between the genders that can be attributed to hormonal and genetic factors.

Male Lagottos are sometimes described as being more outgoing and assertive compared to females. They may exhibit more confidence and a slightly stronger desire to explore their surroundings. Some male Lagottos may also display a more independent streak, although this can vary on an individual basis. We have often found our males are more accepting of both new people and new dogs and are more easy going than their female counterparts.

On the other hand, female Lagottos are often described as being more nurturing and maternal. They may be more attentive to their owners and family members and can display a heightened sense of loyalty. We have observed that female Lagottos may exhibit more of a tendancy to establish more of a hierarchy when interacting with other dogs than their male siblings.

It's important to note that these differences are not set in stone, and there can be significant overlap between the genders. The individual personality and temperament of each Lagotto can be influenced by various factors, including genetics, socialization, and training. Though our observations can be helpful in general, we evaluate each puppy on an individual basis rather than making broad generalizations solely based on gender.

Ultimately, whether you choose a male or female Lagotto should depend on your personal preferences, the makeup of your household and the specific qualities you are seeking in a canine companion.

If interested in a puppy, please reach out to us at

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