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A Breeders Guarentee, worth the price.

The guarantees offered by the best Lagotto breeders may vary, but they typically provide some form of health guarantee and support for their puppies. Here are common types of guarantees you can expect from Northwest Lagotto and other reputable breeders:

  1. Health Guarantee: The breeder should provide a health guarantee for the puppy, ensuring that it is in good health at the time of purchase. This guarantee typically covers genetic health conditions and other health issues that may arise within a specified period after purchase. The length of the guarantee can vary, but it is usually around one to two years. The breeder may require you to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within a specific timeframe to activate the guarantee.

  2. Vaccination and Deworming Records: Reputable breeders ensure that their puppies receive appropriate vaccinations and deworming treatments before they go to their new homes. They should provide you with detailed records of the vaccinations and deworming that have been administered to the puppy.

  3. Documentation and Registration: The best breeders provide proper documentation for their puppies, including registration papers or pedigrees. This ensures that the puppy is purebred and eligible for participation in breed-specific events or competitions if desired.

  4. Return Policy: Responsible breeders usually have a return policy in place. If, for any reason, you are unable to keep the puppy, they will require you to return it to them rather than surrendering it to a shelter or another home. This policy demonstrates their commitment to the well-being and responsible breeding of their dogs.

  5. Support and Guidance: Top Lagotto breeders offer ongoing support and guidance to puppy buyers. They are available to answer questions, provide advice on training, health care, and other aspects of raising a Lagotto Romagnolo. They are a resource for the lifetime of your dog and genuinely care about the well-being of their puppies beyond the initial purchase.

It's important to review and understand the terms and conditions of any guarantee provided by the breeder. Read the contract thoroughly, ask questions if anything is unclear, and ensure that you are comfortable with the breeder's policies. We welcome questions at Northwest Lagotto and want you to feel confident in your choice. We stand with our puppy owners and provide support for as long as our clients own their dogs.

Keep in mind that the guarantees provided by breeders are intended to address genetic health issues and provide support during the initial transition period. They are not meant to cover every possible situation or guarantee against all health issues that may arise in the dog's lifetime. Responsible ownership, including proper nutrition, regular veterinary care, and a safe and loving environment, plays a crucial role in the long-term health and well-being of your Lagotto Romagnolo.

If you would like to know more about puppies that we have available now, please inquire today. Our current litter is from European imports on both side, both with great genetic heritage. The litter has grown into really nice young puppies and we are excited to match them with their new homes.

Reach us at to inquire.

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