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At Northwest Lagotto, we believe that you deserve a puppy loved from birth.  From early neurological stimulation to Puppy Culture protocols and early socialization, we believe in giving your puppy the best opportunity to prepare for his new home with you.  We health test for all known breed related issues, breed for sound, calm temperament and take our responsibility in raising puppies ready for your world seriously.

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Our Lagotto are family

At Northwest Lagotto, you will find a large family who love their dogs especially their Lagotto puppies. As Lagotto Romagnolo breeders, all of our puppies are raised in our home in Washington State.  We handle them from birth, spend hours per day with them, and treat them as family.  Our puppies grow up curious, happy and full of energy.  Our Lagotto dogs mature into confident, self-reliant, loyal companions.  They want to be family members and need a confident, steady, and calm hand throughout their training.  I have come to love this breed, having raised others, and I know you will too.

Mocha standing - Lagotto

Truffle Hunting

What this Breed is Bred For

Lagotto are Italian water dogs and love to work.  This sporting breed has sharp senses and demonstrates this in the field regularly.  The nose of Lagotto is always on alert and our Lagotto love to sniff out scent  - even that buried in the ground like the fabled truffle.  With training, this acute sense of smell makes them a prime search dog.

Conformation and Breeding

Responsible Stewardship

Breeding is part science, part art.  We express our art through the selection of Lagotto breeding pairs which best reflects the breed and which will best contribute to ever improved genetic traits; balanced temperament, loyal friend and conformation to the breed standard.  This is not the cheapest nor easiest way to breed for it can at times involve transporting our beloved dogs to foreign places to find their best mate.

lagotto romagnolo puppy
Female Lagotto puppy washington

Family Friend

Loyal Companion and Best Friend

This deeply loyal and loving breed makes the perfect family companion.  Lagotto are easy to train and accepting of other animals. Lagotto require gentle correction, are well mannered, and great with kids.

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