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There be Puppies in there!

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Good afternoon,

It has been a little while since I wrote as I have been traveling, building a whelping box and buying supplies for this next week.

I will from now until the puppies arrive be sending out updates, photos where I can and information about the upcoming litter, puppy preparation and things you need to think about and plan for.  I believe that I have said this to one and all but I have more people on the list than I will have puppies for.  As heartbreaking as this can be I do have a couple of other breeders that I think very highly of, that I work with closely with and that I know have litters on the way (or will soon.)  If any of you would like contact info for these two wonderful ladies, please let me know - I may send out an update to those I believe will be affected shortly.

We are excited and busy making preparations for our arrivals.  Mom is doing great, is give her energy to her growing pups and is a little less active than usual.  She appears to be getting to that uncomfortable (I'm ready now!) stage.

All the best!

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