Championship Lagotto Breeding Stock

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We are a small breeder of nationally ranked Lagotto Romagnolo.  We believe in health testing before we undertake any breeding.  We believe in carefully matching each pair to enhance the qualities that the Lagotto are known for and we believe in ensuring that our Lagotto are given the richest life possible.

As we have grown, we have made a decision that instead of housing all of our best Lagotto here with us, we will place some of them in carefully chosen, local homes.  This permits them a full and rich life with a family who can love and share their days with them from start to finish instead of living their lives out in a kennel with several other dogs and always wanting more attention than we could give each of them.

We retain breeding rights to these dogs and this means that we will have these dogs return to live with us at the right time on four separate occassions, so that they can have litters.  Each time takes about two months - until puppies are weaned and ready for their new homes.  This is done under contract.  While parting with your dog several times in the first 4 years of his or her life may be challenging for some, the advantage is that for those who live in our area, they can skip the 12 - 16 month waitlist altogether and possibly have a puppy quite quickly.

We are choosey, cautious and careful about finding the right homes and the right fit that we feel we can work with.  If you think that this may be you, please feel free to contact me at and place the words "Local home for Breeding dog" in the subject line.

We look forward to heaaring from you.

Mark Nelson